Little Everglades CDE

Little Everglades CDE is back after a few years’ hiatus. The Little Everglades Ranch is one of the nicest facilities and courses we get to go to. This year was decidedly “low-budget” in that there were no hazard decorations, no vendors really, and not even a port-a-potty out for the spectators on Saturday. Thursday dressage took place in the pouring rain, the worst of which, I am pretty sure was during my test. I only got a few pictures of other people for dressage. Friday through Sunday was nice weather, thankfully! Friday dressage and Sunday cones was moved to the warm up area, due to the extreme wet conditions in the main ring.

It was my friend, Randy Cadwell’s first show since Live Oak last year and doing that whole cancer thing. It was fun to see her back!

Random photos.

We were stabled on the same aisle as Joan Fernandez and her Friesians. Zoey says Friesians are way cool. Keady has been helping her reach her goal of a four-in-hand. Joan qualified for 2* status by driving two pairs in the 1*. Step one complete!

Live Oak is our next show!



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